Selma Couple Celebrates 72 Years Of Marriage!

John and Leapha Schrack were married in Selma 72 years ago.

So what is their secret?

Leapha Schrack says, "Once you make your commitment, you are certainly not going to drop it run away or turn your back on it. You make the best of it. There are rough spots. But he was able to make the rough spots smooth again."

"You know it's a two-way street, the young people today not thinking of both sides of the street just themselves. The other individual's thoughts and reasoning might have merits to it."

Reporter Erik Rosales asks, "When you saw John was it love at first sight?

Leapha Schrack says, "No I was scolded by my mother."

The two met at Selma High School, graduated in 1939 and began married life in Santa Monica where John was employed at Douglas Aircraft.

Leapha says she met John while her family was moving into their home from Fresno to Selma.

Leapha Schrack says, "He was riding by on a white horse. I looked up and saw that and said ride'em cowboy and I was scolded."

John Schrack says, "I don't understand it but that but the horse put on all four wheel brakes, so I had to turn around and talk to her for a minute."

One month after the wedding came the attack on Pearl Harbor. John enlisted in the Army Air Corps. After basic training, he was stationed at Sandia Army Air Corps base in New Mexico for training on bomber maintenance.

Leapha, a star 3rd baseman on the girls' valley championship high school baseball team, and still plays golf every chance she gets.

John and Leapha retired in 1990 as owners of Schrack Drilling. During his career, John was twice elected president of the California Drilling Contractors Association, which later changed its name to the California Groundwater Association. In 1984, he was also elected president of the National Ground water Association.

Schrack Drilling is now owned and operated by son, Jim and his wife.

The couple's best advice.

Leapha Schrack says, "Don't run away from it, face it head on! Try to solve your problems, if you don't try you never know you can."

Congratulations on 72 years of marriage!