Seeing Green On Black Friday; Record Number Of Shoppers Turn Out

Shoppers came out in record numbers this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Businesses, big and small across the Valley, are calling the start to the holiday shopping season a big success.

"Friday it was pretty steady, a lot of people in and out," said Emily Burchnell, an employee at locally-owned Kwirkworld in River Park.

"It seemed like a lot more people were coming in, it was a lot of fun," said Burchnell.

Millions of shoppers flocked to the big box stores, won over by deep discounts and holiday promotions.

The National Retail Federation came out with numbers Sunday - showing more shoppers and more money were flowing in stores this year, than last year.

A record 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over the 4-day holiday weekend.

That's up 9.2% from last year.

The average shopper spent $423 this weekend, up from $398 last year.

"We'll spend more than that, but it's worth it. We'll definitely going to be giving this year," said Mark, a shopper at Fresno's River Park.

With Black Friday over, shoppers are now looking to Cyber Monday for great bargains.

Those avoiding long lines in the stores will soon be hitting the world wide web for the best deals.

And one consumer expert says this Cyber Monday could be the single biggest online shopping day - ever.

"Cyber Monday this year could be the single biggest online shopping day in history, also the most lucrative," said Regina Lewis, a USA Today contributor.

The National Retail Federation predicts more than 129 million shoppers will be clicking away, taking advantage of deals for Cyber Monday.