See The World The Way An Autistic Boy Does

As part of his Eagle Scout project, 17-year-old Josh Thornton made a public service announcement video, showing what life is like for a person with autism.

Josh shows how autistic people see the world and why their reactions may seem more intense than the average person. "We may appear to act differently than everyone else but we are not unintelligent. We just have more to work through and harder to participate in the world," said Josh.

As an accomplished Eagle Scout, Josh decided to create this video for their annual service project, to benefit the community in a different way. "It feels really good to be able to get something like this out that is going to help hundreds of people. I know there is at least 20-30 kids in my high schools that have autism. It's going to help them too," said Josh.

Eagle Scot Master, Mark Chadwich said, "This is something that will touch people's hearts and last a really long time."