Seven Children Missing, Statewide Alert Issued

A statewide law enforcement alert has been issued for seven children missing from central Fresno.

Police say the kids may have been abducted by their biological father from Sacramento.

They are 12-year-old Chee Yang, 11-year-old Cha Yang, 10-year-old Zia Yang, 8-year-old Chue Yang, 7-year-old Zang Yang, 6-year-old Tria Yang and 5-year-old Tou Yang.

All seven kids went missing from the Summerset Village Apartments after their mother, who is blind and stepfather went to the store, leaving the 12-year-old in charge.

Ga Bo Vang lives near the family and said that he saw the kids playing outside last week, but on Saturday, he saw them walk off and hasn't seen them since.

"I asked their mom where are the kids. She told me I don't know, maybe my ex husband came and picked them up," Vang said.

After talking with residents at the central Fresno apartment, detectives believe the children's biological father may have taken them, but they have not been able to locate 54-year-old Xa Yang, who lives in Sacramento.

Neighbors say they had heard rumors, that the father wanted the kids.

Neighbor Chan Vang said, "Apparently there were some messages that were sent to the biological dad that they were being abused, so that's why he probably came and took them."

Police say the kids' biological father, has not broken any law, because if there is no court case that restricts him from seeing the kids, he can take them.

However, police say after 10 days he could face charges for not telling his ex-wife where the kids are or if he tries to hide them

Police say Xa is driving a white 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan, license plate number 6GCC504, anyone who sees it is urged to call Crimestoppers at (559) 498-STOP.

You can receive a cash reward you're your information.