Sec. of Interior Salazar Reacts To Water Legislation Passage

Salazar visiting the Valley over the past summer

Thosands across the state and country are reacting to the California Legislature's passage of historic comprensive water reform.

One of those sounding off on the passage is Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar,{}a man who visited the San Joaquin Valley several times in regards to the issue.

"Thanks to the California legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger, Californians now have the opportunity to choose a more secure and sustainable water future," Salazar said. {}

"This landmark package is a critical step toward bringing California's water infrastructure into the 21st century while restoring California's Bay Delta, on which millions of Californians depend for clean drinking water and their livelihoods. {}I applaud the leadership, courage, and vision of everyone who helped bring this desperately-needed legislation across the finish line. {}We will continue to need all hands on deck - at the federal, state, and local levels - in the coming months as we face the possibility of a fourth year of drought and sobering water realities."

Farmers and federal lawmakers appealed to Salazar who visited the valley twice over the summer for federal help with the water crisis,{}however many became frustrated with the Interior Secretary when he said it would take at least 3 years for the federal govenment to come up with solutions.