Search For UFO's: Swedish TV In Fresno

Swedish{}TV believes Fresno is a haven for paranormal activity. {}{}A{}television crew is spending the Friday roaming Fresno and the foothills in search of UFO's.

Fresno is the first of several stops in the{}U.S. as Swedish{}TV investigates paranormal activity in three different states.{} Swedish television host Adam Alsing has never seen a{}UFO and hopes his luck will soon change.{} "We come here with our eyes open to this area because there's been lots of sightings of paranormal stuff. {} UFO's, big foot even. {} So as we come here and we hope to see something."

First stop was the home of Jeffrey Gonzalez, founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society. {} His group has posted numerous{}UFO sightings on You tube. {} It also claims to have{}DNA belonging to big foot.{} "Now that Swedish TV is here hopefully that part of the world is gonna hear about Fresno and put us on the map, cause there are things flying over our skies that we just don't know what they are."

Alsing says there is a lot of interest in paranormal activities in Sweden. {} That's what inspired the trip to the U.S.{} "In Sweden we have a more open government. {} We can ask air traffic control did you have something flying here and they will actually answer it. {} Here if you ask air traffic did you have something flying over Fresno they just laugh at you."

Adam Alsing spent his Friday meeting with paranormal enthusiasts. {} Friday night he and his TV crew head to the foothills hoping to spot something in the sky that's never been seen before in Sweden.{}{}{}