Search For Missing Dog Tags Stretches From California To Kentucky

A World War Two veteran from Kentucky when ended his military career in California is hoping for a miracle. Nearly 70 years ago he lost track of his dog tags and now he'd give anything to get them back.

Ninety-four-year-old Ashland Crace Jr. is a Marine veteran.{}He spent four years serving his country during World War II.{}The last few months he was stationed in Oceanside and San Diego.{}The former Master Tech Sergeant has two regrets as a Marine.{}The first was getting rid of his dress blues. But his friend Deana Merillat bought him a replacement uniform to eliminate his first regret.{}

His second regret will be{}more difficult to correct.{}"Yeah I regret that more than anything else that I lost my dog tags.{}I think just about everyone that's in the service keeps their{}dog tags." Crace lost his dog tags between San Diego and Ashland, Kentucky.{}After the war he didn't care about his military keepsakes. "I'd had enough of it. You live to regret what you do. Instant things right now get to you later in life.{}It hurts me even today."

Deana Merillat is not related to Crace.{}She's just a friend who wants to help him erase his biggest regret.{}"If this gets shared around the world it will help a 94 year old man's dream come true and that's what I want." Merillat is willing to reimburse any person who bought Crace's dog tags. Here is her contact info.{}

If Ashland Crace does get back his dog tags he plans to give them to his daughters.{}