Missing Americans Found Alive in Peru

The search for the California couple missing in Peru for the last several weeks may be over.

Peruvian officials on Tuesday said that they have located the couple.

Garrett Hand and Jamie Neal, both 25,{} have been missing since Jan. 25. That's the last time they communicated with family through Facebook as they continued on a bike trip through South America.

Garrett's sister, Lizz Sather, who lives in Fresno, says her mom got the news directly from the U.S. Embassy that they were spotted in a remote village and boarded a several-day boat ride.

However in the same breath, says that until she hears her brother's voice{}herself,{}she and others are not going to celebrate.

"We want to hear their voice and see their face and be able to give them a hug," Sather said. "We don't want any more stories from third parties.{} We want him."

Hand and Neal's families say that they want proof.{}

The U.S. Embassy and Peruvian officials are planning to meet the boat{}when it docks on Wednesday afternoon, with cameras in hand.