School Janitor Accused Of Stealing Computers

Clovis Police have arrested a janitor who, they say,{}stole 8 laptop computers and 2 video projectors from the Reagan Educational Center.

Officers arrested 37-year-old Fermin Villareal on Friday after searching his home in southeast Fresno, where they found the computers, projectors, and office tables & chairs.

Police say 4 of the laptops belong to students; the other four belong to the Clovis Unified School District, as do the projectors.{} Investigators say the stolen electronics are worth $15,000; the office furniture, about $1,000.

Clovis Police say Villareal faces felony charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.

Clovis East High School and Reyburn Intermediate School are both located in the Reagan Education Center, which is along De Wolf Avenue.{} Police urge any students/families whose laptop computers were stolen at those schools to call detectives at 559-324-3415 to identify the property.