Scam Or Misunderstanding? Abbey Floor Customers Angry

A scam to steal money, or a simple misunderstanding?

Sandra Meachum says she is left with a remodeling mess and now has a lien on her home.

She says she gave thousands of dollars to Gary and Glennyce Cropper, the owners of "Abbey Floor Covering and Design Center".

But Sandra claims the work was never completed.

Inside her home there are exposed walls, holes in the floor and ceiling, exposed plumbing, exposed electrical wires, plus an open sewer line, since Father's Day weekend, June 17th, Sandra Meachum has called it home.

Sandra Meachum says, "We contracted through Abbey Design and Flooring Center and they had one of their designers come in and scope out the project. We placed down a 50 percent deposit as per their requirement based on their retail status."

Sandra says despite giving the Fresno company thousands of dollars, the project was slow moving.

After 4 months, her patience was running thin.

Sandra Meachum says, "So we started questioning what was going on and it would take 3 or 4 days before we would get a phone call back, constant delays, and constant contractor changes."

Just this past Sunday, Sandra says she had a sit down meeting with Gary and Glennyce Cropper, the owners of Abbey Floor Covering and Design Center.

Sandra Meachum says, "They looked me boldly in the face and said there won't be a problem Ms. Meachum. We will take care of this for you. We will take care of it, and two days later they are disconnecting their phones.

Sandra says she now has a lien on the house by the contractor, because he hasn't been paid.

And apparently he's not the only one.

A contractor says he has a co-worker who is also trying to get paid as much as $10,000 which he says he's owed.

General contractor, Louis Whitney who worked for Abbey Floors says, "They take advantage of their clients; they take advantage of their contractors, of their interior designers. You know it's a bad business."

I decided to stop on by Abbey Design and Flooring Center to see if I could talk to Mr. & Mrs. Cropper, I ended up arriving and found the door with a sign that reads, "Closed for Inventory", but the door was wide open. I walked inside and found the lights on, the music is on, the designs on display, but no one inside."

I did find Jeff Aivazian, who owns the building.

He says he got a call from his cleaning crew late Tuesday night, saying they saw people taking stuff out of the store and piling it in a moving truck.

Jeff says the Cropper's owe him money as well.

Jeff Aivazian says, "I don't know exactly but let's say a couple of hundred thousands, back rent taxes, insurance."

Thankfully he had keys to the building and locked the door.

Since I couldn't find the Cropper's at work, I tried their home and their cell phones.

But no one answered either one.

Meanwhile, Sandra has filed complaints with the State Contractors Licensing Board and the District Attorney's Office.

Both agencies claim they are investigating.

I'll stay on top of this case.