Scam? Elderly Man Listens To Call Center's High Pressure Tactics

An elderly Porterville man says he received a call from a magazine company, but the call center never hung up. Tom Bodley says he ended up listening to dozens of calls where sales representatives promised people a prize with a catch.

"I picked up the phone and said hello and nobody came on the line," says Tom Bodley.

When he listened to the calls Bodley says he noticed something strange. The 77 year-old says company representatives were telling people they might win $5000 if they subscribe to magazines. {}

"I was thinking they were scamming us old folks," adds Bodley.

He says the representatives said they were from "America's Choice Publishers". It's an Atlanta based company with an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau."

Bodley says he wrote down conversations and shared them with KMPH Fox 26 News.

During the phone calls a company representative tells people they were selected by their credit card company to qualify for a $5000 prize. The caller asks people about their credit cards and which one they use the most. The person's address and credit card number are verified. Then they are told the magazines will cost them $1.99 a week and that they'll get $1000 in grocery store savings.

If the person being called hangs up or says no, Bodley says the caller isn't too happy.

"They said well get off my phone and they'd hang up and say a few choice words," says Bodley.

KMPH Fox 26 news called the company in Atlanta, Georgia. We left a message and phone call has not been returned.