Scam Alert: Thieves Try To Suck You Dry On Power Bill

With the current heat wave, many in the valley are staying indoors enjoying their air conditioning.

However, a new fraud is using the triple digit temperatures into scaring you out of your hard-earned money.

It almost caught, Madera business owner Julie Ramirez.

She got a call from a man claiming to be a PG&E worker saying her gas and electricity was about to be shut off.

Julie Ramirez of Marisco's Mexican Restaurant says, "I was scared because it's my birthday and I paid the bill late. I thought now my uncle is going to be upset. The business is going to be shut down till Monday."

The guy went onto to tell her, because the money is not there, you must pay with a debit card.

Ramirez realized it was Saturday and questioned the caller about it.

She then grabbed her computer and logged onto her PG&E business account.

The site showed she was paid in full.

However, the person on the phone said hold on.

She realized it was a fraud and hung up.

Jana Morris, spokesperson for PG&E says, "PG&E's credit department will never ask for personal information or credit card numbers over the phone."

If you have any question about the validity of a PG&E call, you should contact PG&E's Customer Service number at 1-800-743-5000.