Spa Plans Bankruptcy Filing, Customers Left Holding Gift Cards

Customers of a Tiffany's Luxury Medi-spa in Visalia are angry, after they purchased Christmas gift cards for minor cosmetic surgical procedures and products.

They say the spa is closing and taking their{}money with it.

Yvonne Bruder spent $80 on a gift card for her sister.

She says, "They shouldn't be selling the gift cards if people can't use them. I heard someone bought one as late as last week."

Customers say the owners of the Medispa, Dr. Andre Edmonds and his wife Tiffany Smith-Edmonds had to know they planned to file for bankruptcy and shouldn't keep customers money.

By phone KMPH Fox 26 reporter Erik Rosales spoke with a receptionist at the spa. She said the spa would honor gift cards for services only, but not for products. She adds{}no money will be refunded.

However, Rosales later got a phone call from a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney said he represents the Edmonds. He said, "The spa will be closing, but we don't have an exact date. At this point no gift cards will be accepted and customers may have to wait till it is settled in bankruptcy court to possibly get a refund."

Dr. Edmonds attorney wouldn't go into details about the closing. He did say{}other parties who will remain nameless are forcing his clients to close.

Some customers say they plan to seek legal action, but if the owners file for bankruptcy their options could be limited.