Scam Alert: Man Uses eBay To Steal Money From Clovis Woman

A Clovis woman has a warning for others who are thinking of buying a car on-line.Sarah Huckabee thought she found the car of her dreams on eBay. She discovered a 2002 Nissan Maxima for only $1,800.She immediately called the seller who claimed to live in Southern California.Huckabee says, "He sent me all these pictures. I was getting my hopes up. I was showing my parents and saying look guys this is a really nice car for the amount of money. It's kind of too good to be true which is what I thought in the beginning."It turns out it was.She says soon she got an email that included an invoice to pay for the car.It looked like it was coming from eBay.Huckabee says, "It said you have 24 hours to respond. So we got the money and my dad went and purchased the money pack."She called eBay.Sarah says an operator told her the company had no record of a transaction.It's likely the crooked used a fake website to look like eBay.She filed a police report.She also tried calling him back, but couldn't get through to him anymore.Huckabee says, "Now I'm just working really hard to pay my rent, my phone bill and just saving up again to buy another car."Next time, Huckabee says she's going to see it and drive it, before any cash exchanges hands.