Scam Alert: Deputies Warn Of Mass Mailer Fees

The Madera County Sheriff's Office on Friday issued a notice to residents of a solicitation scam.

The scam, the sheriff's department said, offers simple services to file Statements of Information with the state of California on behalf of the resident.

At first glance these mass solicitations look like a notice from the State of California, when in fact they come from a private organization offering itself as an intermediary for a fee of $225, the sheriff's office said.

Although not illegal, Madera County Sheriff John Anderson said "citizens need to be made aware that the state only charges a nominal fee to file articles of corporation, and a third party vendor is not required in order to complete and submit the paperwork."

For more information about how to file log onto the California Secretary of State web site at:

Customer Alerts can also be found on the Secretary of State's News & Notices web page: