Sbarro's In Fresno Closing: Employees Furious At Pizza Chain

The Sbarro's at Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno is closed for good and the eleven people who worked there are out of a job.

The company told employees on Wednesday that it was their last day. It's part of Sbarro's plan to close 155 restaurants nationwide.

Employees told KMPH Fox 26 News that they are not allowed to go on camera. However, they did say that only general managers are getting compensation packages and everyone else will only receive their last paycheck.

People who eat at the popular pizza place say they're disappointed about how Sbarro's handled the situation.

"I think at the very least the company could have given them notice that this was possibly going to happen, so they could prepare for it," says William Fjellbo who eats at Sbarro.

Sbarro's said in statement that the company is trying to improve its financial performance and that the stores shut down were underperforming.