Saying Goodbye: Central Fresno Business To Close Its Doors After 38 Years

Not Just Paper stationary and card store will close its doors after 34 years in Fig Garden.

Jewelart in central Fresno is closing its doors.

Ida Rice, the original owner, opened the jewelry store in 1974.

But now, after 38 years of business, Rice is closing up shop for good.

A bad economy and a rising crime rate have made it unbearable for the Rice family to do business. The owners say the area is prone to frequent drug dealing, gambling and prostitution. Once considered a prime shopping center, the area is now an epicenter for crime.

"I use to shop here all the time in Manchester and it's just not the same anymore. The area isn't the same," said Diane Garden, a frequent customer.

The owners say they cannot afford to re-open elsewhere but will continue to make jewelry at home. They have enjoyed being a part of the community almost four decades and will miss it dearly.

The last day of business will be Friday, May 31.

Another local business will also shutter its doors this month.

The Fig Garden staple Not just paper announced Wednesday that it will close after 34 years of business.

An owner of the store said a lack of passion and a down economy led to the decision to close the business.{}

The stationary and card store opened its doors in 1979 in the Opus One shopping center and then moved to Fig Garden Village in the mid-80's.