Save Money On Your Cable Bill

Subscribing to cable TV can be pricey. It has even inspired people to "cut the cord" and cancel their service. But there's good news for you to help lower those expensive cable bills.

The Wall Street Journal put together some of the top tips:

First, put in the time and do your homework. {}The best thing you can do is come armed with a deal from the competition. Your current cable company might match it or even beat it!

Be diligent, call and check in often. {}Keep track of when your current deal ends. Most companies don't expect that you will remember to call back after your six-month, or year-long deal expires.

Pay your bill on time. {}This puts you on higher footing for negotiating. The company will want to keep you if you are a good customer.

Be open to "lock-in" deals. Experts that the Wall Street Journal spoke to say lock-in deals can be beneficial. Yes, a better deal could come along that you might not be able to take advantage of during the time you are "locked-in" but there is also a very good chance your bill would have increased over that time anyway. So, if the price is right, lock it in.

And lastly, if you call and come up short, experts say the solution could be as simple as waiting a few days, and then calling again. You will likely get a new customer service agent who may be more open to cutting you a deal.