Save Gas And Save Money

Gas prices may be steady right now, but they are high, compared to years past.

If you are looking for ways to stretch your gas dollar, there are some myths floating out there that are a big waste of your time and money. The Environmental Protection Agency debunks some of the most common myths.

Myth #1 - The smaller the car, the better.

Not true. Because of new technology for the 2014 model year, half of the most fuel efficient vehicles are midsize or large cars.

Myth #2 - Premium expensive gas helps you get better gas mileage.

Half-true. Cars that are specifically designed for this premium gas may see a benefit, but everyone else won't get a gas mileage boost from this more expensive gas.

Myth #3 - Automatic transmissions get better gas mileage than manual.

Not true.

Myth #4 - Idling your car uses less gas than turning your car off and on in a short amount of time.

Not true, says the EPA.