Sanger Man Ready To Roll On Coaster For 36 Hours

Clifford Lake is a self proclaimed roller coaster freak who's ready to take on the biggest challenge of his life.{} Monday the Sanger man hopes aboard Colossus at Magic Mountain.{}

He is one of 24 people invited to ride the wooden roller coaster for 36 hours straight.{} Colossus is no stranger to Lake.{} He's been on it somewhere between 300-400 times.{} Monday morning at eight he will strap in on Colossus with 23 other contestants and try and ride it out for a day and a half. "You really don't do it for prizes, just to actually say that you've done it just to spark up a conversation and it's just a passion to some."{}

Lake makes a living as an aircraft mechanic but in his free time you will find him on a roller coaster.{} He's ridden 269 in the U.S., Mexico and Europe.{} But he's never been on a ride longer than three hours.{} "It's always been in me.{} It's been in my Mother and she passed it on to me.{} You just need adrenalin."{}

Colossus has created thrills for young and old since it opened in June of 1978.{} It's closing for good on August 16th.{} Lake is happy to get an exclusive parting memory because as he says coasters are in his genes.