Sanger Homes, Banks, And Businesses Lose Phone and Internet Service

A construction crew accidentally cut two AT&T lines in Downtown Fresno and people all over the Valley were left without phone and internet service.

Dozens of homes, businesses, and banks in Sanger were affected when the communication lines were cut.

In Downtown Sanger people stood in a long line at an ATM because it was the only way to cash their checks.

"At a lot of the banks the ATM's aren't working, luckily this ATM is working," says Beto Alcala, who waited in line for an ATM.

Two banks in Sanger were closed for most the day. Another bank stayed open and helped people one by one. The banks lost their internet connection when the lines were damaged in Fresno.

"It's pretty disturbing, the world's running off of technology and right now the technology is not working," says Tyler Tonley, who lost phone and internet service at his home, "Basically our world is not running right. So, I think there's a big problem mixed up right there."

At a salon down the block from the banks several customers didn't show up for their appointments.

"All morning the phone didn't ring at all," says Hope Gurrola, who works at the salon, "It's kind of quiet."

The phone lines at the salon were down and customers couldn't call.

"Friday is our busiest day," adds Gurrola, "We're expecting money for the weekend, the whole day is planned and people aren't showing up because they can't get a hold of us."

Without phones and the internet a lot of business could only accept cash. People also couldn't make phone calls at their homes.

"I'm kind of worried because I have my daughter-in-law living at my house with a baby," says Shirley Macias, who lost phone service at her home, "She only has access to the home phone if she needs to get a hold of us. She has no cell phone, so I'm worried about that for a little bit."

The majority of banks, homes, and businesses in Sanger can use their phones and internet again. 'AT&T' says everyone should be reconnected in a few days.