UPDATE: Sanger Family Gains Support in Drive for New Van

A Sanger family continues inching closer to its dream of a new van to get around.

KMPH Fox 26 News introduced you to the Serrano family Sunday night.

The family has been nominated by the local Muscular Dystrophy Chapter to receive a new van with a {}wheelchair lift.

Three of the five Serrano children have muscular dystrophy.

Two rely on wheelchairs.

The Serrano's daughter has cerebral palsy.

The mother has a number of debilitating medical issuesand relies on a walker.

The children's father, Juan, had to leave his job, to help the family around the clock.

Their oldest son, Anthony, is healthy.

In some respects, the teen and his father literally carry the weight of their family on their shoulders, to load some of the family members into the SUV that helps them get around.

But trips as a family are impossible.

The SUV carries up to seven people, but wheelchairs take up space.

The wheelchair would change the Serrano's lives.

The story, hit home for Marty Dority.

"I know what that's like because my dad is in bed. He has an electric wheelchair and has a van- even with a van it's a tough job," says Dority, who owns Sequoia Chevrolet in Sanger.

His mother also told him Monday he had to do something to help.

So, he has offered to use some of his purchased airtime on TV on Fox 26 and over the radio, to urge people across the valley to vote for the Serrano family.

"Who cares if we sell cars or not," he says. "If we can use some of that to let people know to get out and vote for this guy. There's a lot of competition. Why can't our guy win?"

Dority's employees are also game, offering to tell their families and churches, too.

"He's dealt that hand, we gotta help him play it," says Dority.

Serrano says, that's just the beginning of the outpouring of support.

The local newspaper, The Sanger Herald plans to feature the family's story this week.

The Sanger Chamber of Commerce plans to meet with the family in the next couple of days.

Sanger Unified School District is also reaching out.

"I had the superintendent here on my lawn, normally you thinking something happened," says Serrano.

He says the superintendent is planning to rally families in the district to vote for the Serrano family.

"Hopefully this gets bigger and we get the help we need," says Serrano.

People can vote once every 24 hours at the Mobility Awareness Month website.

As of Monday night, the family had about 1,800 votes-- but the competition in stiff.

There are almost 100 families competing from California alone.

The contest runs through May 9th.