Sanger Day Care In Trouble With The State Again

State investigators say they have been investigating a Sanger day care for months after the Department of Social Services received several complaints.

KMPH Fox 26 News first told you about 'Blossom Trails Day Care and Pre-School' being found guilty of strapping a child to a chair and putting kids in dark bathrooms for timeouts. A new fifteen page report details five new violations against 'Blossom Trails.'

According to state investigators, a child was injured when a staff member did not see that a child had their hand on a door frame. The report says when the door was closed, the child's finger was smashed, and the child needed seven stitches. The report goes onto to say that after the child was hurt staff members lied during the investigation.

Investigators say another child was hurt when he/she was intentionally scratched on the face by a staff member. The report says the child scratched another kid, and then the staff member scratched the child on the face and said, 'How do you like it?"

Another complaint that state investigators say they discovered was true is a 3 year-old was left alone in a play area for five minutes. The report says the teacher did not realize the child was missing until nap time, when one of the cots was empty.

The final violation detailed says that 'Blossom Trails' staff forged parents' signatures and told parents to sign in on days their child was absent. The day care does receive title five funds. One of the day care's owners says in the report that no financial gain was involved.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Social Services says the agency has increased site visits to 'Blossom Trails' to try to get it to comply with California regulations. The department spokesperson goes onto to say that investigators have visited the daycare 9 times since February. Typically, a day care will get a visit from the state once every five years. The department adds that the state is not ruling out any action against the daycare, including taking away its license.

The day care's penalty is they received three; $150-fines and the reports have to be posted.

KMPH Fox 26 left a message for 'Blossom Trails' attorney but our phone call has not been returned.