Sanger Day Care Under Investigation Is Closing

A Sanger day care that has been under investigation by the state is closing. Parents found out on Wednesday that "Blossom Trails Pre-School and Child Care's" contracts with the California Department of Education have been terminated.

As parents picked up their kids at 'Blossom Trails' they walked out with a letter saying, "Please be advised that the California Department of Education has terminated 'Blossom Trails' contracts and will cease to operate as of June 27, 2014."

The letter goes on to say "The doors will not close permanently; a new operator is in place, Children Services Network or CSN."

KMPH FOX 26 News spoke with CSN's deputy director Lupe Jaime. She says that CSN will take over 'Blossom Trails' contracts on July 1st. The day care will be in same location, offer the same services, but have a different name, "CSN Early Education Center."

She does not know if the day care will be closed during the transition, but Jaime says CSN is trying to make sure it stays open.

'Blossom Trails' was under investigation by the California Department of Social Services. The day care was found guilty of strapping a child to a chair, putting children in sometimes dark bathrooms for time outs and lifting children up off the ground by their arms.

A few weeks after the state report came out; the findings of another investigation were released. The social services report details how an unsupervised child had to get stitches on their finger after the child's hand was slammed in a door. The report also says investigators found out that staff conspired to lie about how the child was injured.

The 15-page report also says investigators discovered that a child was left alone for at least five minutes and that another child was intentionally scratched by a staff member.

The final pages of the report say that evidence shows 'Blossom Trails' told parents to sign in on days their child did not attend and some parents signatures were forged on time sheets.

KMPH Fox 26 News is working the California Department of Education to find out exactly why the day care's contracts were terminated.

KMPH Fox 26 News did speak with one of the owners of 'Blossom Trails'. Ralph Leal declined to comment about the story.

The new day care provider is holding a meeting with parents on Tuesday, June 24th at 6 p.m. It will be at 'Blossom Trails' at 1318 'K' street in Sanger. The meeting will be a chance for parents to find out how to enroll their children in the day care.