Sanger American Legion Gets New Flag Pole

Sanger American Legion Post 23 has a new flag pole and a new U.S. flag.{} A month ago vandals struck and bent the pole to where it was no longer useable.{} The entire community of Sanger was upset and decided to make a difference.{} Vulcan Materials donated a new flag pole and company members installed it too.{} J.D. Bennett, Vice Commander of Post 23 was the first to put out a distress call.{} "Our community surrounds our veterans and supports our veterans really well.{} Sanger is a small community and when we put a distress signal out we usually get a great response."Federico Viscarra is a military policeman in the Army Reserve.{} Viscarra was able to get a flag donated that recently flew at a U.S. base in Afghanistan.{} "It felt really good.{} It's like a relief.{} We've conquered the mountain."{} Congressman David Valadao couldn't attend the event but he did send a check for $1,000.{} American Legion Post 23 has a new flag pole with a golden eagle that stands guard on top.{}Post 23 now has two new flags.{} One donated by Viscarra and another{}that once draped over a{}Veteran's casket{}who the owner believed it could be put to a better use.{}