Sam's Shoe Store In Reedley Celebrates 100 Years In Business

Sam's Shoe Store has been a fixture in Downtown Reedley since 1914.{} The patriarch Sam Parichan was a shoe cobbler in Armenia who came to America when Reedley had muddy streets in the winter.{}

Ralph Parichan, Sam's grandson was the fourth member of the family to buy Sam's in 1961.{} "I went into the service and I came out and I didn't want to go to school anymore and this was available to come here and work.{} They needed help so I just came to work here.{} Eventually it just worked out that way." Parichan says the family business has survived for 100 years because of its service, selection and employees.

The fifth and current owner is Ralph's son Eric.{} He took the reins in 1992.{} "It's kind of neat to do it with my family and having grown up in the store it's quite the accomplishment.{} Not many stores are able to say they've done that."{} Sam's Shoe Store is the fourth oldest single family owned shoe store west of the Mississippi.

Customer loyalty has helped them compete against shopping centers and the internet.{} This month to celebrate its 100th anniversary Sam's is offering a 19.14% discount on every pair of shoes sold.