Safety Push At Clovis Night Out Event

A big push for safety Saturday night on the Clovis High campus. That's where police passed on their wisdom to help people keep their neighborhoods safe.

The kids got to burn some energy in the bounce houses while their parents learned more about services Clovis has to offer.

This was the second annual night out event and Clovis Police Corporal Vince Weibert said it paid big{}dividends. "When you know who is supposed to be in your neighborhood and you know who your neighbors are and you're comfortable seeing them and spending time with them, people are more likely to call if something suspicious is going on in your neighborhood."

Fire trucks at the event were easy to find with the lights blinking. The curious also got a chance to check what the bomb squad wears during dangerous moments.{}

Myndi Hope enjoyed the night. "It's a good idea. People get to see the cops, the cops get to see the people and hey we get together and do great things."

The event at Clovis High School also featured a number of food and craft booths.