Safety Or Nuisance: Motorists, Neighbors In NE Fresno Fight Over Speed Bumps

It's a bumpy road for drivers in one northeast Fresno neighborhood - and parents want to keep it that way.

But some neighbors want the speed bumps on the street removed.

At issue is the safety of neighborhood children who play in the street versus the comfort of motorists.

Price Jenkins, a 6-year-old who rides his bike in the area everyday, likes the speed bumps and wants them to stay.

"They're fun to jump and they're good because they keep us from getting hurt from the cars," he said.

The speed bumps were installed within the last year to slow drivers down, the city said.

Despite the risk, not everyone wants the speed bumps to stay.

"I really don't like them at all, I think they're super annoying and uncomfortable," said Dasha Airumian, who drives through the area. "It gives me a headache."

Ruste Sasser, a mother who lives in the area, said the Home Owners Association wants to have the speed bumps removed because, "of a nuisance in getting from the gate to their home."

Some of the parents in the area have started circulating a petition to take on the Home Owners Association.

"It's a big deal because it's the small things in life that can add up that can create a really good outcome, or a really bad outcome," Sasser said. "I think that speed bumps, if it's the only thing we can do, and it's proven to have a positive effect on our children . . . why would anybody want to get rid of them?"