Rotary Storyland & Playland Hit By Vandals

Once again, vandals have targeted a Fresno landmark, and now the rush is on to repair the damage.Over the weekend, someone destroyed the boats at Fresno's historic Rotary Playland.Lynda Restovich is the General Manager Rotary Storyland and Playland.She says, "We've worked really, really hard to get the boats in the water then to see someone just come and do this it's heart breaking. It's like a gut kick it hurts."Just last year, vandals hit the park three times in one month.They marked up signs, several rides and other attractions including several of the parks best loved characters.Restovich says next year Playland will celebrate 60 years.She says many times replacement parts for these rides cannot be found, so they have to be manufactured, which is time and money.She adds because the previous administration left the park's finances, some $60,000 in the hole, every penny counts.Restovich says without the public's support, Playland and Storyland will not survive.She adds, "Always a possibility, if the people in the valley don't support it, then you always run the risk of it going away. You run the risk of losing it."Repairs to the rides are being made and park officials say they are now looking into more lighting and surveillance cameras to try and help keep this from happening again.