Man Robbed While Pumping Gas - Fresno Police Search For The Thief

{}A man is robbed at a Central Fresno gas station, but it wasn't inside the convenience store. Instead, the thief demanded money at the gas pump.

Fresno Police say the robbery happened at a gas station at the corner of Fresno Avenue and Olive Avenue on October 3rd. Investigators say a man was pumping gas when someone walked up and robbed him.

The gas station's surveillance camera shows the robbery as it happens. Officers say the thief walked into the gas station's convenience store and tried to cash in a lottery ticket. The station's owner says the lotto ticket was worthless, so the guy walked out and got into a red Chevy Avalanche.

Police say the red truck drove up to a gas pump, the thief got out of the car and acted like he had a weapon when he walked up to the guy pumping gas. Investigators say the robber demanded money and personal items.

Officers say the guy pumping gas feared for his life, gave the thief what he wanted and then both men drove away.

If you have any information about the robber you can call Crimestoppers at 498-STOP. Remember you don't have to give your name just information about the wanted man.