Road Rage On Clovis Street Lands Motorist Behind Bars

A man is in jail following an evening road-rage encounter in Clovis on Monday, authorities said.

The man, 51-year-old Richard Yaeger II, sped past a Honda sedan that was trying to merge onto Herndon Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue just before 5 p.m. Yaeger then slammed on his breaks twice, forcing the sedan to come to a stop, said Janet Stoll-Lee, spokesperson for the Clovis Police Department.

Police say Yaeger then stepped out of his 4-door Hyundai and ran over to the driver of the sedan. Yaeger than began pounding and pulling on the drivers window, prompting the driver to a cup of hot coffee onto Yaeger.

But the violent exchange didn't end there.

Yaeger, according to police reports, punched the male driver several times through the open driver's-side window. He then slammed the car door against the driver several times as the driver tried to get out of the car before pushing the driver's girlfriend who went to help.

Police say Yaeger then attempted to rear-end the sedan with the driver, his girlfriend and two-year-old son inside.

Yaeger took off in his car northbound on Minnewawa Avenue, but the California Highway Patrol had an airplane flying above him.

Police eventually detained Yaeger on Armstrong.

He was arrested and booked Yaeger into the Fresno County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of battery.