Ripe With Fraud: State Agency Challenges Fresno Home Care Union Election

A three-year state probe may nullify a Fresno home care union election dating back to 2009. The Public Employment Relations Board wants the results tossed out.

It was a bitterly fought election that saw the Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers-West win by 233 vote margin over National Union of Healthcare Workers.

The Public Employment Relations Board better known as{}PERB investigated and listed seven complaints. PERB also put together a powerful video.

"A year from now or three years from now or five years from now we are all going to sit back and say{}I was there when we kicked those sob's in Fresno County." Dave Regan is a trustee for SEIU-UHW West rallying the troops before the election in 2009. But{}PERB alleges he and his union did more than just talk. It claims union workers interfered with balloting and demanded union members vote secret ballot "on the spot."

Unidentified union workers had these comments. "They opened my mail. They knocked on my door with ballot in hand. The ballot was opened, shaking the ballot letting me know my ballot was there and{}I needed to vote, and they told me who to vote for SEIU, and I did that and they took the ballot themselves and mailed it. SEIU did that."

PERB claims to have uncovered other incidents of fraud. It says{}SEIU engaged in physical and verbal threats and was seen tearing down and defacing opposing union's signs and literature.

More comments from unidentified union workers. "They kept coming and coming and they were more less threatening. SEIU pressured me into voting for them. The{}SEIU came and threatened her that they will come every day, all the time."

Union leader Dave Regan offered this parting shot for the troops.{}"We've got to give them a butt whipping that they will never forget."

An administrative judge will hold a hearing in Sacramento October 8th. If he determines that PERB's probe is solid he could toss out the election results from 2009 and order a new election.

KMPH News tried several times to contact SEIU-UHW-West in its Fresno and Oakland offices but our calls and e-mails were not returned.