Rim Fire: Wind Shift Forces Smoke In Valley

Are you sneezing or wheezing in the valley? You are not alone!

A shift in the wind is forcing people in the valley to deal with lots of smoke and hazardous air quality from the Rim Fire.

All the smoke forced several cyclists to cut their ride short.

One cyclist said, "You can definitely feel it. It slows you down on an afternoon when you can usually hit it hard. You gasp a little more air when you need it."

Dr. Praveen Buddiga with the Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center says, "The ones with respiratory conditions are feeling it now, and those without respiratory problems are going to feel it slowly but surely."

Doctors say the smoke is dangerous and could be deadly, tiny particulate matter travels in the air, when major wildfires like this exist, and can get deep into your lungs.

Doctor's advise valley residents to wash their eyes often, and wash their nasal passages with a saline solution. If not particulates can build up causing headaches and blockage.

Doctors say because the valley is surrounded by mountains, it will likely get worse because it gets better.

The poor air quality has caught the attention of the valley's largest school districts. Both Clovis and Fresno Unified have decided to cancel all outdoor activities for elementary and intermediate students. High school football games are a go! But the air was analyzed ever hour.

One Clovis High parent says, "I'm watching them closely, I got two out there and if it gets ugly they will take a puff and they will be okay."