"Rim Fire' Rages Out Of Control And Burns In Yosemite Nat'l Park

{}The "Rim Fire" continues to burn out of control. The flames have doubled in size and the evacuation area is growing. The fire has even spread into Yosemite National Park, but it is not affecting Yosemite Valley and campers are not being evacuated.

The U.S. Forest says the fire has grown to 125,620 acres. Video shot from an Air National Guard Tanker shows a huge plume of smoke.

"This is a pretty impressive fire," says the tanker's pilot, "That is unreal."

The Air National Guard Tanker is fighting the flames along with helicopters from the California Army National Guard. The fire is only 5% contained and there are more than 2000 fire fighters working the "Rim Fire".

The growing fire has people that have been evacuated worried.

"All this was already packed, so it took only about fifteen minutes to check everything," says one evacuee, "It's just downright scary.

Fire fighters say forty five hundred structures are threatened and the evacuation area now includes the city of Tuolumne and Ponderosa Hills.

"Every time we see the white smoke we know its water hitting the fire and it's working, but a little bit further over there's more fire," adds the evacuee.

Firefighters say the flames will continue to burn in several directions. So, having helicopters drop water on the fire is crucial to getting the fire under control.

The US Forest Service says the cost of fighting this wildfire is already more than $5-million dollars.