Rifle, ammo stolen from Fresno home sought

{}The hunt is on to find five rifles stolen from a central Fresno home.

Police want to get them off the streets before they used in a crime.

Police say a17-year-old boy and 18-year-old Patrick Day of Fresno were arrested.

However, officers are still investigating attempting to tie them to the home burglary of U.S. Marine Corp veteran Timothy Pope.

While Pope was at church praying, the crooks preyed on him.

Timothy Pope says, "My garage door was wide open, and I knew right away something's going on. I snuck through the garage and opened the kitchen door and there was a light on. I was ready to thump somebody last night or I was prepared to."

Each room ransacked and Pope's most prized possessions, his collection of rifles stolen.

Pope says, "One was an heirloom that my father bought me while I was 12. I'm pushing 60 in three more months, that really tweaked me pretty hard."

Pope had the rifles hidden inside of his closet under some blankets and some clothes.

Pope says, "They are druggies looking for quick money. The criminals know, like the fellow they caught he will be out in two hours. I've lost $2,000 worth of guns that I won't get back."

With the help of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department helicopter, deputies searched above, while Fresno police searched the backyards of homes looking for the rifles.

They believe the crooks dropped them while running from officers, but so far, they have yet to turn up.

Police say the 17-year-old is a known run-a-way. He is in juvenile hall.

Officers say 18-year-old Patrick Day had burglary tools on him.

Pope says if they were the ones who burglarized his home, he wants the book thrown at them. Nevertheless, he has forgiven them because of his belief in God.