Residents: Pot House Fire Sends Out Electrical Surge

People living in one central Fresno neighborhood are angry, after a nearby house fire sends a surge of electricity through their power lines and destroys their phones, televisions, and other home appliances.

The fire took place early Thursday morning at a home on the 3000 block of East Garland in Fresno, which is near First and Dakota.

Neighbors say they understand accidents happen. But they say the fire may have started because the renters of the home have a sophisticated legal marijuana growing operation on the property.

One woman says, "If you want to have your marijuana that's fine but go to the country and do it. Go to where there is open land, but do not put it in my backyard. It's not far to us."

The woman says she discovered they are growing the plants legally. She says the renters have medical marijuana cards.

Now she and others in 2-block area of the home are left with fried house hold items, and they want the homeowner to pay.

Reporter Erik Rosales tried to get a comment from the residents but he was met with a locked gate and 6-foot fence, which neighbors say was installed way before the fire.

Erik spoke with Fresno Fire investigators who say the fire is still under investigation. However, those same fire fighters who walked through the property say the amount of marijuana plants and the intricate electrical, drip and water system, they wouldn't be surprised if it was an electrical power surge.

Several in the neighborhood say if the homeowner will not pay, then PG&E should because it was their lines the electricity traveled through.

One woman says, "I'm not asking for a million dollars, I'm just asking to fix what's in my box and few other items."

The woman and others say they plan to file claim with PG&E.