Rescued Madera Dog That Lived A Crummy Life Dies

An abused poodle in Madera rescued six days ago died Tuesday from months of abuse and neglect. {}The dog named Clover{}touched a lot of people's hearts.

Clover lived a crummy life.{} The Poodle mix was found last week tied to a post with an embedded rope as a collar.{} After{}a story aired on The KMPH 10 O'clock News about his rescue, it seemed everyone wanted to adopt clover. He also received sympathy cards and a homemade blanket.

After months of neglect and abuse Clover was starting to see what it was like to be loved.{} He spent the past five days in a foster home recovering from his injuries.

But Kirsten Gross of Madera County Animal Services says the rope that cut deep into his neck for months was a magnet for Tetanus causing lock jaw. "He started having neurological signs. {} He started failing.{}{}They put a feeding tube in him because he couldn't open his mouth to eat."

Tuesday night his conditioned worsened.{} The Vet decided to put him down because there was no chance of recovery.{} "Perhaps if Clover had been reported a month or two months ago he would have been saved. {} But he didn't make it."

Clover is just one of thousands of dogs and cats abused, neglected or forgotten.{} After our story aired last week the Madera County Animal Shelter received cards and gifts all addressed to Clover.

Paula sent a package. {} The message reads... "Please give this blanket{}I made to the precious Poodle dog. {} She adds... "Prayers are woven into the blanket for precious Clover."

Nina sent a card and also listed her dog and two cats. It reads..{}"I am deeply sorry for the abuse that you have suffered. {} I hope this gift helps with your recovery."

In recent weeks pet lovers have spoken up for abused animals.{} Last week we also spotlighted several horses in Fresno County that were starving.{} It only takes one call to make a difference.{} "They can certainly call their local shelter. {} It's anonymous. {} We don't give that name out but the sooner they call the quicker we can help these dogs," said Kirsten Gross.

So far Clover's owner has not been charged.{} But Kirsten Gross, the director of Madera County Animal Services believes the District Attorney will be very aggressive in addressing the case.