Rescue Operation: Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies Stranded

Several Sheriff's deputies are in good condition after being rescued while working on a drug operation. 7 deputies were trying to get rid of marijuana that was being grown in the area on Highway 168, but that's when they ran into trouble.

A helicopter airlifted the 7 deputies to safety. The undercover members of the narcotics team were working on their hands and knees burying 21,000 marijuana plants. However, during the operation the deputies started to get overwhelmed by the heat.

"It really catches up to people," says Lt. Rick Ko from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

The heat also affected aircraft. It was so hot the Eagle One helicopter that the deputies were using couldn't muster the power needed to pull them out of the area. So, the Sheriff's department brought in a California Highway Patrol helicopter to rescue the deputies.

Once on safe ground they were checked out and some of them were given IV's to help with dehydration. The Sheriff's department says the deputies have been working in the area for days. Sometimes for 10 to 14 hours a day, {}but despite safety precautions the department says the heat proved to be just too much.

A Sheriff's department spokesman says this type of rescue happens every year. It's usually when it's very hot outside.