Reedley Winery Fire Forces School Evacuation

A Reedley winery that caught fire forced the evacuation of a nearby elementary school Monday afternoon.

The fire was reported at O'Niel Vintners and Distillery on LacJac Avenue around 1 p.m.

A visible plume of thick, black smoke filled the air. Employees say they heard a loud boom and rushed outside.

The winery is located a few hundred feet away from Riverview Elementary School.

More than 400 students and staff were evacuated from the school. They were taken to nearby Reedley High School where they were kept until parents arrived.

School officials say they were able to evacuate students quickly thanks to routine emergency drill practice. Everything went smoothly and no one was hurt.

Meanwhile, firefighters fought to control the fire. It took them nearly three hours to completely put it out. The damages were contained only to the winery.