Reedley Seeks Help To Replace K-9: KMPH Joins Effort

KMPH Fox 26 is partnering with the Reedley Police Department{}to raise money to replace a police dog that had to be put down in January due to a terminal blood disorder.{} The department{}currently has only one police dog.{} Back in the 90's it had as many as 5 dogs.

Chief Joe Garza says now is not the{}time to ask city hall for money.{} "The city is just not in the position that we can cover the cost and so we're asking the community to come forward and help out."

The police department is asking for a $20 dollar donation.{} In return the department will give donors a small stuff police dog wearing a vest that reads K-9 hero.{} You can donate at Preheim's Jewelry in downtown Reedley, the Reedley Chamber of Commerce, Reedley Community Center and the Reedley Police Department.

You can also make a donation at any branch of the Bank of Sierra.{} Just mention Reedley K-9 Fund.{}{}The price tag for a police dog is $12,000.{} Chief Garza says neighboring communities stand to gain because Reedley loans out its dogs for special police assignments.{}