Reedley Preschool Needs Christmas Miracle To Stay Open

It's going to take a Christmas miracle to save a Reedley preschool with a lengthy history. The faith-based child care center has been around for 30 years. But tough economic times is forcing it to close at the end of the year.

Learning In The Name Of Christ child care center has been helping to mold young minds for years. But LINC Board President Nilene Lee says the preschool which also offers an after school program for older kids is broke. "What we need{}are children, because we have a deficit every month and we need to pay our teachers. We've got these dedicated people working and you can't function without the children."

Lee says there is a lot of competition when it comes to preschool in Reedley. Many are free. LINC also had five children who received funding from social services but that has gone away. Laura Woller-Peoples has a daughter in the preschool. "It's a small school, but everybody cares about one another. They use a little more intimate one on one hands on activities."

Reese Kubo has been attending LINC's after school program for three years. "I love Ms. Erma and I've met most of my friends here and it's really fun. We like to do crafts here and{}I really don't want this place to close ever."

LINC says it is going to take donations or new students to save the program. Ermelinda Perez is in charge of the school. "We are losing their care and we're losing their friendship. They call me grandma and it's okay because we're with them a long time."

LINC needs 40-thousand dollars to stay in operation. Unless it receives a December miracle through donations or enrollment, the school will close December 28th. {}

If you would like to help, here's the{}address:

LINC Center 1254 North FrankwoodReedley, CA 93654