New K-9 On Reedley Police Force Thanks To Community Support

Back in February KMPH Fox 26 took on a community project to fill a big void at the Reedley Police Department.{} We asked for your help to replace a police K-9 that had to be put down due to a terminal illness.{} Wednesday we met Miki, Reedley's newest crime fighter.

Miki is only a year old but he is fully {}trained in patrol and searching for drugs.{} He replaces Baxter, an eight year old Labrador Retriever who had to be put down{}due to a terminal illness.{} KMPH Fox 26 helped put out the appeal to replace Baxter.{} Stuffed police dogs were sold along with t-shirts.{}

Valley businesses and service clubs joined in.{} Two months later enough money was raised to buy two police dogs.{} It was a pleasant surprise for{}Police Chief Joe Garza. {}"I really didn't think that was going to come in so quickly and so easily that people were willing to give.{} That was just something that was so remarkable."

Miki and his handler Officer Bryce Alcorn have been partners since July.{} It's a good fit that gets better every day. "He loves his job.{} The second my car turns on he's ready to go to work.{} I always have a partner with me.{} It's never boring in the car.{} I always have him in my ear breathing or licking me.{} Something."

Chief Garza says by the end of the year Reedley Police will add another dog to the force.