Reedley Firefighters Among Thousands to Honor Fallen Hot Shots

Their hearts filled with sadness, and great pride, family and friends honored the granite mountain hot shots, who died in the line of duty last week.

Four firefighters from Reedley were among the thousands of firefighters from across the country, who attended the memorial in Arizona.

The names of each of the 19 members of the elite hot shot crew were read aloud, their pictures placed before the stage, as thousands honored them at a public service.

The firefighters' lives ended suddenly when the winds shifted and the flames they were battling, turned on them.

The lone survivor of the hotshot crew, saying goodbye to his fallen brothers, reading the hot shot prayer.

"For if this day on the line, I should answer death's call, Lord bless my hotshot crew, my family one and all. Thank you.{} I miss my brothers," said Brendan McDonough, the only survivor of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew.

The Reedley firefighters were part of the 'wall of blue' - a sea of firefighters from across the country who came to pay their respects.

"It's a brotherhood, we stick together when tragic things happen like this, and unfortunately this happened," said Frank DeAnda with the Reedley Fire Department.

"Every day we put the uniform on, we go to work and you never know when it's your time. It really struck me, very emotional," said DeAnda.

The heroes touched the lives of those they knew and didn't know.

So many people showed up to honor them- crowds were forced to watch the ceremony from outside.

Tuesday's memorial service was the last of a handful of vigils for the men - before the first of 19 funerals begin later in the week.