Redwoods Dying On Friant Road In NE Fresno

A small forest of trees on Friant Road{}in{}northeast Fresno{}used to be a sight to behold. But now lack of water is stressing the redwoods and in several spots it's become a fire hazard.

The trees on the buffer on the east side of Friant Road were planted in the late 80's.{} They were planted by the Woodward Lake Homeowners Association.{} {}

But many of the trees in a one mile stretch are dying.{} Most of the 30 dead trees are redwoods. A master Gardner with Tree Fresno says redwoods are always thirsty and it takes a lot of water for them to survive a hot Valley summer.

A lot of the trees are tinder dry.{} An administrator in{}the City of Fresno's{}Public Works Office told{}KMPH News{}the area teeters on being a public nuisance.{} Once it reaches that status the homeowners association would be required to clean up the mess.

The City of Fresno{}is also having trouble with its trees in the median on Friant Road.{} There is no irrigation system so the trees have to be watered with a tanker truck.{} Some have died and may have to be yanked out.