Red Foxes In NW Fresno May Lose Den To New Homes

A large piece of property in northwest Fresno has served as a fox sanctuary for years. {} {}That new home building in the area will force the foxes to find a new den.

It's a haven for wildlife in the heart of northwest Fresno. {} You will find birds of all kinds in the trees.{} If you look closely at the property near the Fig Garden Loop, you will see foxes nosing around for food.{}

Marline Rasmussen's backyard faces the property.{} "Oh everyday, everyday. {} I see them in the morning time. {} I see them in the afternoon. {} I see them late at night. {} I just like to watch them to see what they're up to. {} It's just kind of a neat thing to watch."

But{}Rasmussen is concerned the fox family won't be coming by her back wall much longer.{} That's because homes are being built a few hundred yards north of where she lives and more ground is being leveled close to her home.{} "I've called a couple different places to see if they can come and removed them but they want to charge. {} I don't have the money to have them removed."

But Jenny Hubert with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the red fox is an invasive species and is not protected.

Marline Rasmussen's main concern is if the whole property is developed the foxes will hit the road and get hit by cars.{} "They're losing their home you know what little bit of property they have right there. {} They're losing their place to live."

But Fish and Game says red foxes are very adaptable and they will find a new home.

Two foxes are protected in California. {} The gray fox and the Sierra Nevada red fox which roams the high country.