Red Air Alerts Keep Students Cooped Up In The Classroom

It's been a long week for kids attending Valley schools due to the poor air quality.{} It doesn't seem fair with near 70 degree temperatures students haven't been able to go outside and play during recess.

At Ewing Elementary School in southeast Fresno Friday was the first day this week that kids got to go outside and have fun on the playground.{}{}They've been cooped up in the classroom or the cafeteria since Tuesday.{}{}{}

All week long{}air quality has been at stage four or red alert.{}{} When it's red the air pollution control district recommends that students stay indoors.{} Ewing Elementary Vice-Principal Sarah Blancas says it's impacted a lot of kids.{}"One of the biggest things we've been having an influx of students coming into the nurse's office coughing and having those symptoms. {} But the biggest stress is the kids couldn't go outside and play."

Sixth grader Desiree Rodriguez felt like a prisoner in her own school.{}{}"It's a bummer. {} I don't get to play outside and it's a bummer to me. {} Plus we could just play inside."

But Desiree's so called bummer days ended Friday when the air improved to stage three.{} As soon as lunch was over, Ewing kids hit the playground. {} There were baskets to be made and slides to ride. {} Kids large and small were smiling again.{} Zackary Dealba is a first grader at Ewing. "I was happy today because{}I get to go out to recess and I get to play with my friend."

Zackary and the rest of the student body are ending the school week on a high note. {} But until it rains those bummer days that Desiree spoke of are likely to return.