Random Act Of Kindness Reunites Lost Dog With Owner

A random act of kindness helped a Visalia man reunite with his lost dog. {}{}

Robert Fuentes lost his German Shepherd on Sunday, but{}the next day located his dog at the Valley Oak Animal Shelter in Visalia.

He couldn't get the dog out because the bill totaled $162.{}

"I don't have that kind of extra money to spend," Fuentes said. "I would have found a way to get it cause I've had that dog her entire life. She's everything to me."

Navy Senior Chief Norm McCraine was at the{}SPCA to turn in two puppies who were dumped at his Visalia home.{}{}

"It kind of touched a nerve; I kind of welled up," said McCraine who has four dogs of his own. "I had to help him out."

The $162 shelter bill for Lucy breaks down this way: $30 because she was not spayed; A $35 state fine for not having the dog spayed; $75 because there was no dog license; And fees for vaccinations and boarding.

McCraine did not think twice about helping Fuentes.{}

"I figure{}I got a couple of extra dollars. It wasn't going to do me much good. I gave somebody that needed it more than{}I did," McCraine said.

McCraine asked only one thing of Fuentes: To do as he did and "pay it forward" if he gets the chance.

"The man's a hero," Fuentes said.

McCraine doesn't consider himself a hero, just a caring man who couldn't pass up a random act of kindness.{}{}{}