Quake Activity Not Unusual For California


When it comes to living in California there's always the fear that a major earthquake is near.{} On Sunday a{}6-point-8 quake took place{}off the coast of Eureka.{} Three days later a much smaller 4-point-4 quake occurred east of Porterville.{}{}

Chris Pluhar,{}an assistant professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Fresno State says there's no reason to be worried.{} "It might seem significant to individuals living in the area where they can feel it but overall there's not an up tick compared to the background."

Sunday's strong earthquake in the ocean off Eureka occurred three days before the ground shaker near Lone Pine not too far from Porterville. {} Are the two related?{}{}"It's a totally different plate boundary, fault style compared down to the one in the Lone Pine area."

What may surprise you, more than 120 earthquakes were recorded Friday by the U-S Geological Survey in California. {} The count only goes to 2:30 in the afternoon.

California is part of the "ring of fire" ...{}a 25-thousand mile horseshoe shape that is considered a zone of earthquakes that surrounds the Pacific Ocean.{} Roughly 90-percent of the world's earthquakes take place along the ring of fire. {}

But Dr. Pluhar says knowing the next location is a different story.{} "So far basically it's not a predictable kind of process by any kind of way that we can work with the information."{} Dr. Pluhar says while quakes aren't predictable there's no reason not to be prepared when living in an earthquake zone like California.