Purple Heart Monument Unveiled At Fresno VA Hospital

Fresno's Veteran's Affairs Hospital on Saturday unveiled its newest monument.

The monument, a{}salute to brave men and women who shed blood on the battlefield, took a year to build. It honors close to a 100 combat-wounded warriors from the Central Valley.

George Washington was a founding father of our country who also created the Purple Heart, one of the United State's oldest military awards.

Carroll Sweet, a member of the Military Order Of{}The Purple Heart, said she asked by a woman how to join the club.

Her response?

"I said as much blood as you're willing to give on the battlefield,"she said.

The monument's stone is red for the blood they shed. The monument also reads, "The medal{}I bear is my country's way to show they care."

The Purple Heart is the nation's oldest military decoration.{} There are 97 names on the monument with room for more.{} Many of the Purple Heart recipients were in Fresno for the unveiling.{}

Rudy Giannoni was a gunner on a B-17 bomber shot down during World War II.{}{}

"Oh it's one of the biggest honors a person can have," Giannoni said.{}{}{}{}

Gilbert Delapena has a Purple Heart. {}

He played a major role in getting the monument erected.

"Nobody wants one, but those who get one covet it," Delapena said. "It's an honor to be serving in our country's armed services."

The final line on the monument reads, "All gave some... some gave all."