Puppy Falls Down 7 Foot Hole, Firefighters To The Rescue

A puppy is reunited with his Fresno family tonight after he fell down a 7-foot pipe hole.

He was stuck for several hours until firefighters came it's the rescue.

"I'm happy we have people like that, that help the animals not just the people," said Prascilla Hinojosa.

For the Hinojosa family, the puppy is like family.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hinojosa says her tiny mutt wondered away from her west Fresno home.

She says he went sniffing through the neighboring fields, somehow treaded into home dangerous territory and fell 7-feet down a pipe hole.

"I wanted to cry, honestly because his cry ... my kids would have been devastated if something were to happen to him," said Hinojosa.

She says she could hear his cries, but she couldn't do anything to help.

Hinojosa says, that's when, she called for help.

"It's not one of our usual calls, so our minds were wondering ... thinking about what we could use to get it out," said Tim Otto, of Fresno Department.

The guys used a rope with a loop in it, hoping the dog would latch on.

With a little finesse and a steady grip, the guys managed to pull the puppy out.

"Well that's our job, when it comes to it, were going to go, were going to save people, property, and especially people's loved ones ... pets, animals," said Otto.

They saved the dog's life and for his owner, the day.

"Happy ending, yes, my puppy is with his brother and sisters now ... he's fine."

Besides being shaken up a bit, we are happy to report that the dog is doing fine.

According to firefighters, the rescue is an unusual one for the department.

On average, it gets called to these types of rescues about once a year.